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About game:

Moto X3M by studio Mad Puffers is a great adventurous racing game. In this game, you are a real racer and you will face challenges of terrain, inertia, gravity, physics ... The simple 2D graphics of the game will let you think that it has an easy gameplay. But at the beginning of the game, the Moto X3M music will help you realize that you are wrong: this is really an exciting game for those who love sports driving over terrain!

The game has many levels with different terrain. “When you first start playing the game, the moving obstacles don’t seem too difficult and you gain acceleration pretty quickly” [1] . You will get used to the terrain as easy as the flat road, the small slopes ... and when you go to the higher levels, you have to face huge rocks, deep holes, and deadly traps ...

Character in Moto X3M

Get many stars can help you renew your character

The game allows you to complete each level in a short time. So you have to control your moto skillfully, helping it move forward as fast as possible. When you touch the target position, you complete the quest and the reward for you is the honor star. You can reach up to 3 honor stars at each level, and this depends on your achievements!

Moto X3M Unblocked

If you want to play Moto X3M Unblocked for free, just go to https://happywheels.space. This is a great site for players who like unblocked games. We do not block any software and we have strong links to ensure your gaming experience is the best!

How to play:

Press arrow keys to control your moto.

Tips and tricks:

This game also has iOS and Android versions for mobile phone.

Sometimes you have to move slowly to avoid being turned over!

Moto X3M Walkthrough

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