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About game:

With Bullet Force by Lucas Wilde, a new first person shooter video game, you will get more than playing a shooting game. The game features group combat skills and survival rules.

So what makes Bullet Force different from other games? First, you will be fascinated by the meticulous design of each gun in the game. “So generally it's all an excellent game with one of the best 3D graphical designs on it as well” [1] . Secondly, Bullet Force gives you many attractive options on weapons. You have a list of different guns. Each gun has its own shape, its own characteristics, and the sound when shooting is different. Finally, the game gives you an online playground. That is, you will forget boredom moments when playing the game alone. You will join a battlefield with new online friends. Some are your allies, some are your enemies. The moment for you to show off your shooting ability!

You kill an enemy, you have money. When you have enough money, you buy more powerful weapons or you upgrade the equipment you have. Enter the Bullet Force and become an elite commander, destroy all enemies and become the last surviving man on the battlefield!

Bullet Force Unblocked:

Unblocked Bullet Force is available on the https://happywheels.space. You can access this website at any time and play your game easily because we provide a stable connection. Besides, there is always a list of selected games so you have more options. Have fun!

How to play:

Use WASD to move and Spacebar to jump.

Use Mouse to shoot.

Use Shift to run.

Use Enter to respawn.

Use G to throw a grenade and E to pick up items.

Use F to active your knife.

Use R to reload your gun.

Use C to crouch.

Use number 2 to change your gun.

Tips and tricks:

Upgrade as soon as you can.

Sniper gun has high damage!

Bullet Force has two mobile versions for Android and iOS devices!

Bullet Force Walkthrough

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